My YouTube Channel

For those who are interested in performance, performance nutrition, training then here are links to my YouTube channel where I review the science on topics such as carbohydrate intake, zone 1 training or keto diets. Here is a link to the channel

Training with Low CHO Availability

It has become popular for endurance athletes to occasionally train with low levels of CHO intake or in a fasted state. Is this a good idea or not? I review the research in this video.

Going Keto: Good for Performance?

Low carbohydrate and high fat (LCHF) diets have been touted as good for endurance performance. In this video I review studies comparing performanc outcomes on LCHF diets versus traditional high CHO diets.

Fat Adapted: Good for Performance?

Being fat adapted has been harelded as good for performance. But does the science support this?

Recommended Intakes of CHO

Here I review current recommendations for CHO intake during training and racing as well as a recent study looking at very high intakes of CHO during a mountain marathon and how that impacted recovery.