5- min Movement Breaks

Doing some movement during the day can help keep you energized and your brain firing.  

Here are some quick 5 min breaks that can be done just about anywhere.

Some quick and easy resistance exercises you can do using your own body weight.

ROM means ragne of motion. Here is a 5-min break that gets your joints moving.

Take 5 minutes to clear your head, focus on your breathing and just get centered. Meditation can do wonderful things for your brain.

Some movements to get your heart pumping a bit and getting some blood flow to your brain. This is not so intense that you are sweating at the end, but enough to make you feeling better when you are done.

Another way to engage and center your brain and move your body.

A quick yoga/stretch break you can do at your desk.

A quick yoga/stretch break you can do while staying seated at your desk.