Fit to Lead




I work for a wonderful company called the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). Given that I am an exercise physiologist it does seem like an odd fit.  What is an exercise physiologist doing with a company that focusses exclusively on leadership development?  

The answer to that question could best be summed up by a quote from a recent article, “The rigors of leadership have prompted many leaders to think of themselves as being in training, much like a professional athlete....There is a growing recognition of the connection between physical health, emotional health, and judgement--and of how important it can be to have precise routines for diet, sleep, exercise and staying connected.” (McKinsey Quarterly)

Stamina, energy, the ability to think clearly, the ability to manage stress and emotional energy are all important leadership attributes.  Eating a nutrient rich diet and regular exercise has been shown to impact all of these in a profound and positive way.

Yet many people struggle to eat well and exercise regularly.  Hopefully this site will help support these efforts.

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    Health is the first wealth.                

                     ~Ralph Waldo Emerson