Lifesaving Presentations

Dr. Greger has scoured the world’s scholarly literature on nutrition and developed these compelling, informative and entertaining presentations using the latest cutting-edge research on how diet can affect some of our most common maladies and medical conditions.  There is a lifetime’s worth of nutrition eduction in these presentations.  His most recent one is How Not to Die.  You can also find these (along with 100s of other videos) at

in this presentation, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn talks about his early resaerch on 23 patients who all had severe and advanced atherosclrosis. Between them they had experienced 49 cardiac events and procedures. Of those 18 who continued with his eating plan, none had another cardiac event in the subsequent 12 years of follow up. Those 6 who did not stick with the plan and who returned to traditional care, experienced 10 cardiac events in the subsequent 12 years. He also talks about endothelium health and those dietary factors which negatively impact endothelial function. A lifesaving presentation if you are concerned about heart disease, strokes, or are recovering from a heart attack.

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